about us

We believe that dining should be a communal and meaningful experience that creates a sense of celebration. We share our vision through artfully crafted cheese platters, grazing tables and private dinners. We take a root approach, hand-crafting our products in small batch process including cheese, cured meats, jams, pickled fruits and vegetables. You'll find that our style and menu has a real emphasis on all things funky, aged, cured and fermented with vibrant and bold flavors. 

When we are not using our in-house products; we source only unique high quality and local ingredients. All the cheese and cured meats we used are proudly sourced in the US. We carefully pick our products from creameries, artisans, farmers and growers who share an equal passion and respect for food as we do. 

Our goal is to provide food that will always be fresh, change with the seasons and directly reflect our commitment to our community and the environment.